Gathering my thoughts || Stop and Smell the Flowers

Yesterday was the last day of school for Little Miss A.   One of her classmates, a sweet and beautiful girl, has  a mother who is losing her battle to Cancer.  I think she has a few weeks left to live.  Her dad is so strong and so tender with his little girl.  I couldn't help but tear-up watching them as he filmed her saying "Hi Mommy" so he could later show his wife.  A five year old should not have to lose her mom.  I'm an adult, and I don't know what I would do without my mother.  All day I have been extremely aware of how fortunate I am.  I count on so many blessings.  And being healthy is a very important one.  I hope Little Miss A. has a mommy for a very long, long time.   We really do learn a lot from each other. I pulled some of my latest photos of small moments with big lessons that my daughter and I have shared together in the last few weeks.

Little Miss A. and I stop frequently at the corner markets to smell and admire the flowers.

We also, take time to enjoy watching them grow in our garden.

I could not have said it better myself.

We took the time to save this little bluejay who had fallen from his nest.  We weren't afraid to dig in the dirt to find worms and feed it to give it strength.  We weren't scared to go up in the roof, place him there so he could jump up to one of the tall tree branches so he could be coached by his mother to find his way back to his nest.  We remember we need to help those that are more fragile.

 We appreciate the beauty and artistry of handmade pieces that have been endearingly kept for years for the next generation to enjoy.  And we play and twirl in the backyard after breakfast to enjoy the morning air. Its all about simple moments.

See things through children's eyes for a more magical perspective. A fallen branch can make the best magic wand.

We try and stay in the present and not get too anxious over what we don't have any control over, mainly the past and the future.

We eat our veggies and fruits when we are supposed to so we can splurge when unexpected treats come along.

We remember that sometimes the dark moments may help us grow stronger and make us more interesting. 

And we remember that sometimes all we can do is just stay afloat.

We have so many lessons to learn and so many things to be thankful for.  What are you thankful for today?

[all photos by me ]