Lately.....On my mind

Happy Friday friends! Wao, lately it feels like such an accomplishment to get to Friday.  Well, it's my husband's birthday this weekend which means we get to have some cake.  I'm debating which cake to make for him.  It won't be chocolate.  We have made too many chocolate ones in the last few weeks (I know that chocolate cake is misleading up there, but it is pretty right?) He loves this lemon olive oil cake that I have made for him many times before and has very quickly devoured, but he also loves this almond cake which I have never made him and would love to try.  I will let you know next week which one I chose. (oh and I want to get him one or two of these for on top of his desk).

Also, on my mind is this horn accent table. It is so perfect I can't stand it and it's from Z Gallery! I'm sure it would look cute pretty much anywhere.  Ok, now for the earrings....if you love fashion and you love deals you need to know about The Outnet.  They have a great selection but what I have been most impressed with are the accessories.  As I was browsing the site. I came across so many beautiful pieces at 50% off of their original price. These price decreases are so nice to see and really everything is beautiful and modern.  I also loved these earrings. And if you have been coveting the Equipment blouses they have plenty! 

Then we have this beautiful bag with the most divine leather.  I had a lunch earlier this week so that my friend and I could introduce our parents to each other.  Her parent's recently moved to Dallas and didn't really know anyone, and since my parents come often we thought it would be great to set them up.  Well, my friend was wearing this beautiful Clare Vivier bag that day and I instantly fell in love it.  It is SO cute in person.  I really loved it so I thought you needed to be in "the know" as well. The proportions were especially nice.  I think this will be in my wishlist for my birthday (which is only in almost 6 months!) And lastly, aren't these flowers beautiful? I love the arrangement and the colors.  Now that it is Spring I just want to photograph flowers everyday!! You can say I'm inspired.

What about you? What's on your mind lately?

And before I leave you....just a few links:

||  If you haven't entered the rose wood bracelet giveaway from Gold and Gray you can still do so here.  I have a pair and love them! I get compliments every time I wear them.

||  If you need little girl party ideas you need to see this beautiful party by Via Blossom.

|| Loving this stud DIY by Gaby.  I need to venture and try using them. I'm intrigued.

happy, happy!! xx

Happy weekend lovebugs!