A Designer's apartment in Madrid || Miguel Palacio

You may or may not know that my husband is from Spain so we go often to visit family.  Our trip is coming up soon and we have all started to daydream about it.  My daughter is dying to see her grandma and have churros con chocolate, my husband just wants to sleep, and I'm dying to browse some of my favorite stores and eat many meringues.  One of my favorite stores here is Hoss Intropia. Its clothing is sophisticated, modern, and chic all at a very attractive price point (probably around J.Crew prices?).  Miguel Palacio who is a well established high-fashion Spanish designer has been doing a collaboration with Hoss Intropia every season for the last few years.  It is always pretty fab.  And so, when I came accross his apartment I just had to share.  After seeing it I know two things, I need a cheetah statue, or two, and Mr. Palacio and I are lighting soulmates.  I heart every single one of his lighting options.

He wanted the kitchen to look like a bar because that is all he uses it for, to pour himself a drink. Ha! Love it! And I'm including a few of his Hoss Intropia pieces so you can see some of his Spring/Summer Collection.

Love that pink blouse!  Are you digging his apartment as well?  And of course I had to see this on 1st Dibs, which is just too expensive.  Please let me know if you see a more affordable one!!

[ images via Elle Decor Spain ]