The Birds

One of my favorite things about Spring is hearing all the birds chirping and flying about.  They are busy, busy this time of year.  Its kind of nice to wake up to their beautiful songs instead of the alarm clock.  This fabulous Alexander McQueen rug expresses this sentiment exactly, a kind of happy, free, and colorful excitement to begin the day.  It is woven in silk and metallic threads giving them jewel-like tones. I can just think of its presence in person.  I don't think I would need a bed if I had this rug. And wait till you see it in action.

Fabulous doesn't even begin to describe it. Now, who doesn't need a tucan clutch? So fun!   Or a cute parrot top?  And you all know how much I love Stray Dog Designs?!  I had to include one of their cute bird lamps.

Happy Hump Day friends. 

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