My Favorite Things || Emily from Isn't that Charming

I happily present Emily from Isn't That Charming for this week's My Favorite Things series. Emily has some fabulous style and beauty posts and is as sweet as she can be.  Her voice is fresh and real and you can't help but fall in love with her.  Here she shares her favorite things-

1 || Favorite Piece of Jewelry.  A staple on my right hand is a ring from my dad. It has three rows of petite diamonds in which the rows represent the past, present and future. He gave it to me when I graduated from college and I’ve worn it almost every day since. It symbolizes the importance of remembering where you came from, living in the moment, and dreaming big for the future.

2 || Favorite Way To Accessorize.  Through rain, snow, sunshine or wind, my favorite way to accessorize is with scarves. They complete any outfit and add additional flare all while remaining classy. This particular scarf is my most worn - it’s lightweight, comfortable, and the color is perfect to mix and match.

3 || Favorite place to call home.  I love Chicago. Between the lake, downtown, park-filled streets, endless restaurant options and adorable boutiques, it has the best of everything. My favorite moments are spent with friends on rooftops, admiring the gorgeous skyline. But what really makes Chicago special is the people. I’ve traveled near and far to cities abroad and in the U.S., and there’s just nothing that compares to Midwest charm.

4 || Favorite piece of furniture.  Weathered furniture has so much personality. I love these shelves not just because they’re full of character, but because my boyfriend hand made them for me. We’ve tackled many DIY projects together, and shelves were a “to-do” on our list when he surprised me with these for my birthday a few years back. A small side story for those who believe in signs: The day after he gave them to me, I randomly came across a small painting that said, “I want a boy who will build me bookshelves.” Every time I see these hanging on my wall, I think of this and appreciate his thoughtfulness.

5 || Favorite items to collect.  I’ve been collecting lanterns for a few years now and they’re my favorite decor items that I own. The pieces in my collection range from over a hundred years old to newly built. I love them for their simple practicality and unique designs. Mostly, I love lanterns because they immediately make me think of the beach, which is always the place where I feel most at peace. 

Here is a close-up of the beautiful ring-

And more of Chicago!

Gotta love a girl who loves her diamonds! Especially when they motivate you to dream big :) Thanks so much Emily for sharing with us your faves!  Visit her blog here. You will be happy you did.