Seven baubles for under $25

I just found out about this fabulous online store of baubles called Juweliq where everything is $25 and under.  Gaby from The Vault Files (whom I just met after being virtual friends and who is as every bit as awesome and sweet as I pictured her to be) was the one who told me about it this weekend.    Aren't these cute?  And the price makes them even cuter I think.  This is is the perfect website as a go-to for friends' birthday presents or for a little pick-me-up treat for yourself.  These that I rounded up for you above are my favorites.  

So, if you have been lusting over the Cartier nail bracelet here is a look alike for $20.   And my all-time favorite is the minty necklace (number one).  It just feels like Spring.

And Sam from the Peak of Tres Chic is hosting a Mimosa Lane Pillow Giveaway!! Enter here.

Have a wonderful start to your week!