The Best Faux Flowers - Promise!

This story begins with this photo taken by me to show you my DIY malachite boxes.  Recently, Jenny from LGN, borrowed the photo for a malachite DIY roundup she was doing.  That same day I receive a comment from a very sweet lady, Carolyn, telling me that these flowers are from her family's faux floral company called Diane James Home, a company which her mother started and is now run by herself and her twin sister.  She told me exactly where and when these flowers were bought- twelve years ago at Bergdorf's.  Yes! Exactly I said!  They had been a gift from my mom for Valentine's day way back.  I was so excited about this email because a) these flowers have a special place in my heart b) my mom is also a fan and has several of these arrangements  c) I just love coincidences.  So, I emailed Carolyn, right away to tell her I could not believe she recognized the arrangement and to share with her my excitement.

These bouquets from Diane James Home are beautiful and very realistic. My mom and I just adore our little treasures.  I'm in good company loving these arangements as Michael Smith, Barbara Barry, and Mario Buatta use them in their interior designs as well.  They kind of feel like the flowers were just cut, gathered, and arranged.  They really have a very natural and organic look and feel.  Here are more of my little roses and then I share my parents' arrangements.

The last two photos are courtesy of my mom and dad.  They worked on taking the photos and sending them together.  So cute! Thank you!  I love those wild magnolias!

And the arrangements even have fake water.  You have to look really hard and close to realize they are not real.  My parents and I have been enjoying these beauties for longer than a decade and believe they have been an amazing investment....the flowers that never die.  I have gathered my faves here as some inspiration for Mother's Day (its right around the corner. Had you noticed?)

Are you a fan of faux florals?  Which one is tickling your fancy?  I think number three is fab for all those peony lovers! Can you imagine a peony in your bookcase year round?

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