Pampered Spring Cleaning

March is here and Spring is on its way.  One of my favorite things to do this time of year is Spring cleaning.  I actually really enjoy it....throwing out, organizing and deep cleaning everything (behind headboards and bookcases, above curtain valances...I even go through each and every one of my files and throw out papers that no longer need keeping). I love how my home smells so clean and fresh, and everything just looks perfectly in its place. So yes, Spring cleaning is a big deal around here and using the right products makes it all the more exciting for me.  

I have rounded up some wonderfully attractive cleaning products without the harmful chemicals that could potentially make cleaning more of a civilized experience rather than an annoying chore.  Pretty packaging and a natural ingredient list go a long way with me. This season I have been using Ava Anderson's products and I have to say I highly recommend them.  They smell like heaven, clean wonderfully, are eco-friendly and have no harsh chemicals to boot.  As I was researching for this post I was surprised to learn the company was founded in 2009 by a fourteen year old girl! 

Can you spot my Ava hard surface cleaner in the photo below?  Oh and also take note of my Stafforshire Doggies that I got from my husband on my birthday.  I don't think I ever showed you how I styled them (this is how they look like for now anyway).

a close-up of my doggies

Do you do some Spring cleaning?  What are your favorite products to use?  What's your favorite brand?

[bookcase photos by me for ML]