Luxe Lusting || Turquoise

With temperatures increasing, trees budding, and birds chirping you can tell Spring is in the air.  And for me this means brighter colors.  So today, I have rounded up a few of my favorite things with touches of turquoise.  I need to start with these bracelets.  My mom, who has the best taste ever, scouted these in a local magazine.  Neither of us could stop drooling over them. These spectacular bracelets are covered with stingray shagreen and are simply decadently luxurious.  The end caps are interchangeable and they come in different colors. Oh my!! 

Next off are the beautiful earrings by Bounkit.  I learned of this brand through Paloma's Instagram from La Dolce Vita. I nearly died with all the beautiful designs they have.  Simply spectacular with the best color and stone combinations.  Take a peek at their site because I can guarantee you will love everything in it.  My anniversary is coming up and I'm thinking my husband needs to know about this. 

And then for the home this beautiful chandelier would dress up and re-energize any corner of your home.  And you all know I love an original painting and love investing in my art collection.  This painting is dynamic and powerful.  I also love its color combinations and think it would look perfect in  any sunny room.  

What do you think?  Are you into turquoise?  Is it a fave among your Spring colors?