My Pillows on Society Social || Pagoda Pillow

I'm really excited today because my pagoda pillows are on Society Social.  You all know about Roxy (I'm in total admiration of this sweet, hard working and beautiful lady), and her quest to bring back the bar cart....well my pagoda pillows are in her shop!! Aren't they precious!?  The color combinations are so colorful and happy.  See them here.  They are the perfect partners in crime to my patterned pillows above which you can get here.  These will also be making their way to Society Social soon. Yeay!!

Oooh and happy Friday and happy 1st of February.  So many things to be excited about today.  Here are some links I think you will like (I always have my eye for things you might want to know about! After all its all about being in the know ;)

||  This cute little clutch is too perfect.  I mean lucite and gold??  Its pretty much heaven for me. And the price is pretty good.  Plus it goes with everything. 

|| I'm in serious need of making this cake!!  Can we say decadent?  Its actually pretty healthy (this translates to many egg whites. yes!!)

||  How about these lucite letters?  They would be adorable in a bookcase or on a desk.  

Have a wonderful weekend!! I hope you have fun plans. See you next week!