My favorite Things || Holly and Trisha from We Heart Home

Hi cuties.  Its the last day of January! Can you believe it?  Time just goes by faster and faster every day. Insane!  I'm so happy to introduce you to Holly and Trisha from We Heart Home, a wonderful blog dedicated to interior design brimming to the top with great features.  Holly is originally from Montreal, Trisha from London. They now both live in Berlin and work at Fashion For Home (which is where they met). Together, they started this home design blog. You can read more tidbits about them here .  

And now for their favorite things:

Holly’s favourite  (oh the British spelling! gotta love it) things:

1 || My favorite machine.  My La Pavoni espresso machine. I love coffee. I use this beauty every day, she never lets me down.

2 || My favorite brand. My Apple stuff. Whether we’re talking about my Macbook, iPhone or Apple tv – these products make my life easier and more productive, which is why I love them so. And of course, they just look so good – minimal, functional. Just right.

3|| My favorite shoes. My red Birkenstocks.  These are my house shoes and they’re red, which is also my favourite colour (double whammy with this one). And yes, I wear them with socks! When in Germany…  ;)  They are the first things to touch my feet in the morning, I change into them as soon as I get home from anywhere, and they are the last things to come off before bed. We’re pretty tight, we spend a lot of time together.

Trisha’s favourite things:

1 || My favorite make-up.  ELF 100 eyeshadow palette – A while ago, when I was still a student I worked in an extremely dull office job, where I spent the majority of my time on Youtube. This was the glorious period in which I discovered the make-up tutorial and my love affair with makeup has continued ever since! This palette is my best buy ever!

2 || My favorite book.  Cox Cookies & Cake – Fashion and baking are two of my favourite past times, so when pastry chef Eric Lanlard and Shoe designer Patrick Cox joined forces to make this designer baking book… I was ecstatic! Highly recommend it.

3 || Favorite garment.  Faux Fur Leopard print coat – My mum bought me this coat last Christmas, and it is so glamorous just like her. I feel like wearing it gives me a bit of her joie de vivre. 

Thanks ladies!  What a fun assortment!  I can't get over the eye shadow palette.  I need a make-up lesson btw.  Visit their blog here, you will be happy you did.