My Favorite Things || Elizabeth from The Now Stylebook

Welcome!! Happy Thursday friends.  I'm so happy to present Elizabeth from The Now Stylebook in today's My Favorite Things series.  I'm in love with Elizabeth's style and humor behind the blog she pens.  And you know the best part of all?  She lives in Dallas.  She is one of the few blogger friends I have met in real life. So yes, she is extra special in my book.  Here she shares with us her favorite things ( they include a Moroccan wedding wedding blanket! so you its going to be good).

1||   Favorite Essential.  Fresh flowers. They brighten up any room {and any mood}! My favorites are pink peonies but when I can't find them, any pink ones will do!

2||  Favorite Animals.  Our fur family.  If I could have a farm full of animals I would, but my two favorites would always be Pickles {the pup} and Brother {the cat}. The two of them and my husband make my life happier! {PS.. How creepy does Brother look? You can't tell what he is except for his scary monster green eyes!}
3||  Favorite Find.  Moroccan Wedding Blanket. I feel like I've made a good purchase when an item looks good in any room of my house. This blanket is definitely one of those things. My favorite pieces tend to be gold or sparkly.
4 || Favorite Food.  Macaroni and cheese. Gourmet, homemade or straight out of the box, macaroni and cheese is my all time favorite meal! I don't know how I am not 500 pounds because I eat it at least twice a week!
5 ||  Favorite Accessory.  Shoes. Like flowers, a fabulous pair of shoes can really perk me up! Though I love flats, my favorites are sky high heels like these Charlotte Olympia's which I bought for my wedding but then realized they were too high!
6 ||  Favorite Gadget.  iPad.  Like my iPhone, I don't think I could live without my iPad. I'm pretty much addicted to the internet so I am happy to have it with me at all times. My go-to apps are Pinterest {duh} and

I think we need a close-up of the shoes.  OH MY!!! Can we say KILLER heels?

I think I would sleep in these every night ;)  Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your faves with us.  You have us all daydreaming with wedding blankets and pinky heels.  Visit Elizabeth's blog here.