Luxe Lusting || Many shades of Grey

For those of you regular readers you know about my love affair with grey lately (if you don't take a look at what kind of floors I'm lusting after here) so it will come as no surprise that I am also lusting after grey accessories for myself and my home.  This draper cocktail table is really perfect for any corner of your home.  Make it two and you have yourself the perfect coffee table pairing.  The grey ostrich is just too good.  And no matter the color palette of your home a smokey grey gourd lamp always blends right in.  Loving its grey lampshade as well.


And to pamper your sweet self this beautiful bag will add the right amount of chic to your outfit.  The color is just so rich.  Even if you were wearing your workout clothes this bag would elevate your outfit status to super chic in two seconds problem!  And the best for last....this ring- the shape, the design, the stones, it comes together so nicely.  I love that its chunky yet feminine.  Cool to the max.  


There you have it cuties!  Make this Wednesday a GREYt day!!

oohhh and I'm also at My Best Friend Craig's today talking all about murals.  Check it out.


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