Grey Matter

Not sure what it is but my husband and I are obsessed with grey as of late. Ever since I showed him this photo he wants his library lacquered in grey and we even thought grey floors would be divine.  Maybe its because our home now is so colorful and we need a more muted palette in our next digs.  I have enjoyed every pop of color, every wild wall color, and cushions in fun flashy colors but when I daydream of my next home I imagine it all grey variations.  

Grey is such an elegant yet warm color.  It feels cozy and relaxed yet keeps things a little formal formal.  Yup, so grey floors are my latest obsession.  (it was difficult to find good images with the grey I have in mind....the first three are the best examples, of course they are from the same spread!)


These floors have some lighter grey tones....but are still interesting....

Even J. Crew is into this flooring.  This last photo is from one of their stores.  It is a lighter tone but still cool right?   I have been very impressed with J. Crews' stores interior design choices- all chic and sophisticated.

Anyhoo....what do you think? Is grey wood flooring interesting to you? or you do you think we are a bunch of crazies over here?  I'm still a fan of the dark wood for sure but grey is just feeling so cool to me right now.

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