DIY || Lindsey Adelman Chandelier

Ok! Back to regular programming here on Mimosa Lane!  And to start off the year with a BANG i have this DIY chandelier.  I still cannot believe I constructed a chandy all by myself! I mean I stripped wires, wired sockets....things I had no idea about.  A while back I posted on my love of Lindsey Adelman's chandeliers.  Here are some photos so you can remember what I'm taking about:

I was a little bummed that I don't have at least $10,000 laying around to buy one of her pieces.  But then Jeanine from I heart Interiors mentioned that Lindsey Adelman had a DIY version of her lamps on her blog....did I read right? Yes she did!!  I'm so thankful to Jeanine because even though I had studied her website front and back I had not noticed this.

It is fantastic!  Here is the lamp I wanted to make:

Lindsey gives you a list of all the parts you need and the online source where you can get them as well as instructions on how to build it.  I paid approximately $130 for the parts.  I was so intimidated when I laid it all out.

It probably  took me around 5 hours (on and off).  But remember this was my first time building a lamp!  If I did this the second time around I could probably do it in 3 hours?  give or take.

I'm so so proud and happy with the result.  It looks beautiful.  My husband now wants two for his library and he wants them hanging at different levels, one high and one lower.  I think it would look amazing!  The parts are brass so it looks really rich.  A few suggestions if you are going to try this:

||  Take the time to lay out the pieces according to her diagrams so you know exactly where each piece will go.  This is very important because once you start wiring you won't be able to change anything that easily.

|| I then fitted all the parts together softly (without tightening much) so I could measure and cut the different wires that would extend down each arm.  To each section I added a bit more wire in case anything happened (probably around 3 extra inches).

|| I then worked on each arm of the chandy one by one.  Once I finished the wiring I tightened everything as hard as I could.

Here is another angle.  Sorry about the photos. It has been really cloudy and grey here and I don't have good lighting up here.

If you are attempting this and have more specific questions email me.  I would be glad to answer them.  If you are wondering about the painting....I'm in love! Its a piece by Jenny from My Favorite and My Best.  Here is her shop on etsy.  And the books....we need more husband has a book addiction and they are overtaking our home.  Its a good problem to have I'm not complaining. 

Go for it!  You will be proud and happy.  PROMISE!  See tutorial here.

Also, Kristen from Just a Girl and her Little Dog featured the Mongolian Stool as one of her favorite DIYs of 2013.  I was honored to be featured with some other great bloggers.  See here.  Thanks Kristen!

[ 1, 5, and 6 are by me, and  2 , 3 and 4 are from Lindsey Adelman ]