My Favorite Things || Roxy from Society Social

Does this lady need any introduction??!!  Not really!  But just in case you have been living under a rock or maybe are just a casual blog reader this is Roxy from Society Social - she will be sharing her favorite things today.  Roxy is an inspiring lady to say the least.  She has fabulous taste, is an admirable entrepreneur, and is actually even sweeter and more charming than you imagine her to be. I picture a slight glow around the floor she walks on....for reals this lady has me in awe.  She is chasing her dream, loving what she does, doing it so perfectly well and with such flair.  The more you find out about her the more you fall in love with her and her positive and can-do energy.

Without further a do- here is Roxy and her favorite things: 

1|| Favorite art piece. Framed childhood pajamas.  I love that my mom took the time to frame my childhood pajamas. She's the best at incorporating sentimental pieces and turning them into art. Every time I see this piece it truly makes me smile, something that everything in your home should do! (and here she is wearing her pjs.  Too cute!)

2|| Favorite Furniture piece. Society Social Devlin Bar Cart.  It's the sentiment behind it versus the actual bar cart that's actually my favorite. The bar cart, which I designed for my company, represents so much more- being able to chase my dreams, being able to be a happy and celebratory part of people's homes, being able to support my own family as well as the families I can help support with my small business! 

3|| Favorite ensemble. Hostess Gown. I love caftans. The first samples of this gown that came through arrived in a package of three. My mom, sister, and I put them on and immediately started laughing and twirling about. There's just something merry-inducing about an over-the-top caftan! 

4|| Favorite Bauble.  Roxy Necklace by Loren Hope.  Loren let me play a very small part (basically do you like this, yes or no?!) in the concept of this necklace. She's such a talent and I'm so flattered I'm its namesake. It's a favorite because I feel like it knows me- sassy, sparkly and just a little different! It never fails that I receive a compliment every time I wear it! 

5|| Favorite Color.  The color Red.  The color red energizes me; I just love it! I usually have on red everyday whether it's lipstick, shoes, or Essie's Really Red. My favorite pajama pants are even red! I also believe that creating your own signature, in whatever way, is the first step to really embracing your personal style. I'm all about being the best version of yourself and knowing your style leads to that! 

Thanks Roxy for being a part of my series!!  It is such an honor to have you on Mimosa Lane.  Check out Society Social and their amazing line of furniture and merriment making accessories here.

[ Styling by Roxy Te herself and her mama, Photography by Lawrence Te of Thesis Studios ]