Gift Guide 5 || Stocking Stuffers

Happy Friday!  Wao, the weeks are just speeding by.  The countdown is on.  So I have just two gift guides left....this one of small presents to stuff your stockings and the man's guide which I will do next week.  So let's get started.

1 | Star Ring. Who doesn't need an adorable statement ring?  Its neutral colors go with everything. ($12)

2 | Hair Ties.  Bling for your hair.  OMG I'm in love with these and can't tell you how beautiful and sparkly they are in person.  The extra bonus they look adorable in a bowl in your vanity. ($16)

3 | Bent Nail Cuff. Too perfect for words.  So elegant and simple.  Did you know Cartier has a version of this? Add this to your arm party. ($13)

4 | Glittery Notebook.  I think my daughter's taste is rubbing off on me.  Nuff said. ($12.50)

5 | Shopping Bag Tote. Be a good citizen of the world and have one with you so when you go to the supermarket or a shop you don't have to use a plastic or even paper bag. This one is too cute! ($9)

6 | Green Branch Bracelet.  Classic and favorite color!  ($14)

7 | Dotted Bowl.  Perfect for anything and everything. ($10)

8 | A Very Short Introduction.  Give the gift of knowledge.  And everyone wants to learn more about Beauty.  A beautiful gift indeed and it has the best return on investment.  ($7.17)

Enjoy your weekend friends!  Don't forget about the Aestate giveaway- it ends on Monday at midnight.  I have another fabulous giveaway next Tuesday so stay tuned.

And if you are wondering about the progress of my stool project that I am going to attempt  I'm working on it.  The mongolian lamb pillows from Overstock were NOT good so I had to return those and get some more expensive but infinitely better ones.  I hope to have it done by next week.

Happy Happy!!