My Favorite Things || Dana from Caviar Dreams

Happy, happy Thursday!!  Can you believe in a week we will be eating Turkey?!!  So excited :)  I'm also really excited today to present Dana from Caviar Dreams to share with us her favorite things.  It is such a treat to read her blog because of her wonderful writing and the interesting topics she puts forth for discussion.  I feel like I am enriched when I read her posts and I love that.  Here is the wonderful Dana:

Hello lovelies!  Dana here from Caviar Dreams, and I feel so happy Albertina has included me in this blogger series on Mimosa Lane!  When I saw the first installment of My Favorite Things, my mind immediately began buzzing…what would I say mine were if someone asked me?? Lucky for me, I figured it out in no time and I’m excited to share them with you now!

1 | My Favorite Pet.   See that little white angel?  That’s my Simon boy and if you read my blog, you’ll know I rescued him from the streets last January.  I’ve loved calling him mine ever since.  For the sake of this series, Simon also represents all of my loved ones (including my wonderful husband who took these pictures).  I’m a big sap when it comes to my family, and it’s hard being so away from them (frequent flights from Alaska to Missouri aren’t so economical).  But hugging Simon helps.

2 | My Favorite Vintage Things.   With one of my favorite pastimes being antiquing, you can imagine that all things vintage make my list.  And vintage things that have familial significance?  There is no doubt I cherish those more.  The t-shirt I’m wearing is my oldest piece of clothing.  I’ve been wearing this baby since the second grade.  It’s a Polka band tee of the late and great Eddie Blazonczyk.  It used to be my grandfather’s, but when he passed away my grandmother gave it to me.  It’s so soft and faded; I never tire of it. 
The wedding photograph is so special to me as it mimics the larger version my mom has in our basement back home (the Art Nouveau frame and everything).  I never met my other grandmother, but I can remember seeing this photo growing up.  Now that I have started my own home, the house didn’t feel complete without it!

3 | My Favorite Material.  Paper, paper, paper.  Whether they are books, magazines, catalogs or the love letters I received from when my husband when he was in boot camp, I love nothing more than having paper in my hands.  My aunts even used to give me boxes of paper for birthdays; I could draw and write all day long!  And although the computer is a pretty handy tool for getting thoughts down, nothing beats writing them out in your favorite notebook. 

4 | My Favorite Activity.   My obsession for décor has always been so substantial; growing up, my mom had to limit the number of times I could redecorate my bedroom per year!  Even though I have temporary ceased making purchases for our home, I still get so much joy from changing out art and throwing different blankets across our bed.  This particular piece is something I painted for my husband last Christmas, and it just so happens I’m quite proud of it.

5 | My Favorite Type of Food.  Less sentimental, but no less significant…in my world, no day is complete without something sweet!  And I like my sweets colorful and childish.  My candy of choice this week is gummy bears…which is also my perfect mix-in at Cold Stone Creamery (I’m really an ice-cream girl at heart). 

Thanks again to Albertina for sharing Mimosa Lane with me!  I hope you enjoyed my favorite things; I’d love for you to stop by my blog after leaving a comment below, xx Dana  

Wao!  Any girl who loves gummy bears that much is a friend of mine indeed.  Thanks Dana for sharing all your faves!  Visit her blog here.