Matchy Matchy

Mixing and matching all kinds of fabrics and prints is in vogue, no doubt.  We have beautiful ideas from Jamie Meares (I'm specifically thinking of something like this) and Emily Henderson (who made some awesome tutorials of the best way to mix here).  I highly admire these two ladies and their fabulous style.  But I think the pendulum might start swinging back to the other direction- the "matchy, matchy" direction where you have walls, curtains, furniture, pillows all covered with the same fabric. I'm not sure, but as people struggle to get a unique look for their home they will tend to move in the opposite direction of what is currently trending.  Just a theory.

I feel a kind of relaxed feeling when I look at these interiors because with one quick look your mind can understand what is going on.  It is more traditional, yes, but kind of soothing too as you are not trying to figure out and identify all the different patterns.  Let's see what you think?

I love the lavender and white in the above photo.  There are no visual surprises interrupting your view of this room.  What makes these rooms interesting is the the fabric choice, plain and simple.  The rooms have continuity.  Your eye is not stopping and going while it scans the room.  It does so in one fell swoop.  Using the same fabric throughout adds richness and consistency in my opinion.  Its as if the room can concentrate and does not have ADD.

I think these are all beautiful.  And in my experience you don't get tired of it.  I spent all my youth in a room where the bed, curtains, walls, and night table was all in the same fabric.  I really loved it actually.  I wish I had a photo to show you.

Don't take me wrong- I love mixing and matching.  My home is mixed and matched all over but I'm starting to regain interest in this look.  That's all.  Thoughts?

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