Gift Guide 2 || Gifts for the Little ones

Sweet gifts for all the little ones in your life.  I won't venture into the wants and needs of "tweens" and teens here....its much too complicated instead I'm sticking to ages zero through 8- maybe? And kickin it with old school kind of toys.
1.  Coloring kit.  If you have kids you know how important it is to have some entertainment ready for when you go out to a restaurant.  I'm not a big fan of handing over an iPhone or iPad to keep the little ones quiet during the meal but will totally go for giving them colored pencils and paper.  And there is no cuter or easier way to travel than with this little set. ($24)

2.  Jewelry boxes.  All girls love their jewels no matter if you have real diamonds or just plastic ones.  This is perfect place to store any little girl's treasures. ($20)

3.  Baby-T.  For the baby of that iPhone or iProduct obssessed parent.  Too funny! ($13)

4. Mouse Set.  Precious!  I want one for me! ($46)

5.  Stamp Set.  Kids can create their own cityscapes with stamps and then color them in.  Hours of fun without requiring batteries or an outlet. ($24)

6.  Ghost Chair.  My all time fave.  I have given this as a baby gift so many times and it is always a hit.  It is really more for the parents, but how cute would a playroom be with one of these? ($133)

7.  Little Fox.  The Jaguar says to the Fox " Jaguar you? " and the Fox says " I'm foxy! "..Ok never mind...inside joke.  This little fox is too cute. ($40)

8.  Wooden Tool Set.  For all the budding handy boys out there.  Their future wives will love that they started their training early ;) ($50)

9.  Teepee.  Give the gift of a secret world to your special kid, everyone needs their privacy. ($149)

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