Wedding Weekend


I'm so excited for this weekend because one of my good high school friends is getting married!  It will be wonderful to get back together with the gang. I haven't met the bride yet, so I'm curious.  Do you still keep in touch with your high school friends?  We see each other probably once a year.  They are pretty much all clustered in Boston and New York so its not too difficult to get together.  

I know this is not a wedding dress, but it could be.  Way back when I was trying on wedding dresses I tried one on with very similar workmanship.  It is so feminine and elegant and most importantly, different.  This Valentino piece takes my breath away.

Some thoughts:

1 | I downloaded this movie to my iPad for the plane.  I have heard good reviews from my friends.  If you are looking for something to rent I recommend this or this, both are Almodovar movies.  Both are strange, of course, but good.  If you see them, please report back.  Have you seen his movies before? 

2 | My birthday is coming up, yikes!  I think I might get this as a mini gift for myself (Thanks Erika for the introduction).  I'm also thinking this could be cute and cozy in an Elmo kind of way.  It doesn't take much to make me happy :)

3 | I'm really grateful for PugleyPixel.  I learn so much from her and use her creations a lot in my posts.  I think Katrina needs a standing ovation from all of us bloggers.

4 | Ever since my friend Carla introduced me to the possibilities of Overstock, it doesn't seize to amaze me.  Take a look at this Sputnik chandy.  

5 |  I bought the book The Time Traveller's Wife per Dana's suggestion for my trip this weekend (I know, I, movies, a wedding, old I really going to have time? probably not but I like thinking I can pack it all in). During my last trip I read The Life of Pi  (meehh....but the ending was interesting and I will probably see the movie anyway).

6 | And last but not least I'm really grateful for all you readers stopping by and reading what I have to say and seeing what I have to show.  If you have any ideas of things you want to see more of or less of please let me know.  I will be happy to oblige.  Virtual kisses to all of you!

Happy Weekend!  Celebrate! xx