Lighting in Dining

I have been obsessed with dining room lighting options for the last few weeks trying to find the perfect lighting situation for our future dining room.  It all started in this post when I fell in love with Adelman's beautiful chandeliers.  The Serge Mouille chandelier above is what makes this room have major personality.

I am loving these large arched floor lamps and agree it would be fabulous as the lighting solution in a dining room.
Here is another example of side lighting making a statement.
 I also like the look of several orbs floating above guests while dining.  The Tom Dixon copper lamps that we posted about here would be beautiful in a cluster.
A traditional chandy always looks good if the room is making a statement through its other parts, dark walls and heavy brass table in this case.
 I love the look of using two hanging lights equally distributed above the dining table.
I like that lighting here coming from a very decorative wall sconce.
Two table lamps! This is fantastic!  I'm not sure how the connection to the outlet would work and what we would do with the cable, but it looks beautiful.

What kind of dining room lighting do you like best?

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