Home || Work. Bows and Arrows

I saw this cute and colorful home and was instantly curious as to who lived here.  It turns out the couple owns a flower shop, Bows and Arrows, here in Dallas!  You all know I love color so I enjoyed the contrasts throughout.  The home is fun, quirky and doesn't take itself too seriously.  But what I really love is all the creativity evident throughout. And you can kind of see their aesthetic spill over from work to home and vice versa.   Take note of the pompom sculptures they made.  What a great idea for a DYI.

|| Home ||
This is the dining room with an ombre southwestern stencil motif in the walls.  They also used stencils in the master. 
And here is the pompom sculpture I think is precious. Who wants to try something similar and report back?

||  Work ||

And here are some of their beautiful flower arrangements.  What about this hydrangea cloud! If this doesn't take your breath away I'm not sure what will!
Beautiful arrangements right?  When a flower occasion arises I'm going to request flowers from them.  How special would I feel receiving flowers from such a cute shop?  VERY!!

I'm liking exploring someone's work and home at the same time.  What do you think?  Do you like having the extra insight? 
[ Home images via Houzz photographed by Lindsay von Hagel and work images via Bows and Arrows Blog]