Earrings that say Wao and guest post

I love that big earrings are in. I do.  When I was growing up my mom had the best drawer of custom earrings.  She had amazing hoops, chandeliers, dangly ones, really, every kind imaginable.  Some made out of wood, or Bakelite, or metals.  I loved being in the closet with her while she was getting ready for a night out because it meant looking through her drawers.  Then, when I was old enough to realize I wanted to wear those earrings I learn that she has given them all away because, really after the 80s who wanted big earrings?  She did save a few that I currently own.  Nothing expensive but definitely BIG in the WAO factor.  So, I'm very glad to see large earring beauties galore lately.  Earrings can make an outfit for sure.   Here is a round-up I hope you enjoy.

Also, I'm guest posting over at Jennifer's The Pink Pagoda for her 31 days of Pink in October series.  I gathered the cutest of the cutest pink or pinkish accessories from the newly opened Zara Home to host my ideal Pinktastic Tea party.  Take a look.
Ok, back to the earrings- Do you like large earrings? Are they for you? Curious about the earrings above?  Here they are: