My Favorite Things- A New Blogger series

Today we inaugurate a new series here on Mimosa Lane called My Favorite Things.  Yay! (cue in the confetti!) We will be inviting different blogger friends to share with us a few of their favorite things, all within one photo that includes themselves.  We are so, so excited!  We thought it would be great way to get to know other fellow bloggers.  This way we can get a glimpse into their homes, their personal style, and any little treasures with sentimental value they may want to share with us.  My goal is that through this little experiment we can get a peek into the real make-up of other bloggers and get a sense for what truly excites them and what inspires them.

In the picture above are five of my favorite things.  And I'm going to tell you a little about each one.

1| My Favorite Person.  This is Little Miss A.  She is my beautiful daughter who has had my heart since before she was born, for whom I have the highest hopes and dreams, and whom I want to protect and guide as best as I can.  She is an only child, so yes, she does get plenty pampered but she is so good and sweet. (P.S. my husband is also a favorite person, but he would never agree to this and he isn't as cute as this little button).

2| My Favorite Dress.  This was easy!  This dress was custom made in Cuba for my mom when she was fourteen years old.  It is spectacular in person.  It is made of red linen with embroidered raffia flowers and pearls.  The fact that this work of art made it out of communist Cuba in one of two suitcases my mom left the country with is amazing to me.  And of course little Miss A. will get to wear it someday as well.

3| My favorite Perfume. Diva by Ungaro.  I have had this bottle ever since I was thirteen.  I inherited it from my mom when I went to my first formal dance and I only use it for very special formal occasions.  I swear, I think it reproduces itself in there because I have had that bottle for years!  It is not in vogue, nobody has heard of it, but to me it is a very special and feminine aroma that I cannot resist and just brings back the happiest of memories.  (But the fact that now they sell it in amazon worries me....has it become a grandma perfume?  No worries, I will always be loyal)

4| My favorite Books.  Here are just a few of my favorites- Jane Austen's novels, Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude (this particular book is autographed and dedicated to me by the author which makes it so exciting) and Pablo Neruda's Love Poems (it is intoxicatingly romantic!).  They each found me in different times of my life when I needed them and they have all left an important impression on me.

5| Favorite Corner. I love this little corner of my living room.  It makes me so happy to have such a beautiful light blue wall color with this amazing portrait by a beloved Spanish painter, with my absolute favorite candleholders that were only $40!, and finished of with some beautiful accesories that were presents from special friends.

There you have it- A few of my favorite things! Ok, your turn!  I have a list of blogger friends I'm hoping want to participate.  Who's first?!  If you are in Dallas I volunteer to take your photo.

Now that you know some of my favorite things, let us know what yours are.  Inquiring minds want to know :)

(images by the very talented Molly B. Miller from A Piece of Toast whom I thank profusely for helping me out and always supporting me and Mimosa Lane.  Thank you sweet friend!)