Mad for Plaid with some gingham mixed in

I have been pinning a lot of plaid and gingham lately.  I think interest is on the rise for these and I find myself craving it. I am especially loving the rooms with plaid walls because they are so rich and cozy.  One should always have the one really cozy room in the house.  I think for us the library is the cozy spot.  And boy would it be even cozier with some of these fabrics.  Maybe its because I lived in New England for so many years but this style works for me and I want to incorporate it into my home somehow in some way.

How about this checkered pattern mixed in with green?! Yum!

 And these beige checkers? Very warm and inviting.  I love the Lincoln prints (what a great DIY to get a similar look -take one print and flip it and reprint and hang side by side.   I love the symmetry).

 If this isn't cozy, I don't know what is!

And we all know how much I love this photo (from this post here).

 Great for a boys bathroom.

 And this Tartan here?  Ha! Like living inside your pajamas.

(1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7)

I think like in the 5th photo you can take the plaid look and modernize it a bit otherwise it can be a little heavy.  What do you think? is plaid for you?  I'm thinking in smaller dozes its a winner.

Thank you all for your support and excitement yesterday with the new blogger series I announced.  I was actually quite hesitant that the series might be a little "dorky" but as my friend Nicole from Sketch42 said when I ran the idea by her it's "good dorky".  I like "good dorky" so I will get the ball rolling.

Happy weekend everyone!