Muzungu Sisters

I came accross this online ship Muzungu Sisters when reading a magazine in Spain.  Its the labor of love of two friends, Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo.  The online shop is relatively new and stocked with beautiful and exclusive pieces hand crafted from around the globe.  I'm in love with the black velvet jacket, the work one one of the most tanlented tailors in Morocco. And how about the adorable Hungarian top?! It screams summer- this is a traditional blouse hand-embroidered by a third-generation embroiderer in the countryside just outside of Budapest. What about the straw tote?! and the cute winter hat?  All chic and unique for sure.

These well traveled girls are making their unique finds accesible to us all while helping local communities surge and promoting fair labor practices.  Bravo! And you know Tatiana is enganged to Andrea Casiraghi, who is the second in line of succestion to the Monegasque throne (this means she could potentially be the princess of Monaco someday).....anyhoot....

what do you think?  Do you like the ethnic-chic and ethical items here?