Church Photos as Decor

I am seriously in love with this shot.  To me its perfection. This home office was designed by Raji Radhakrishnan at this year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York. I think I have unconsciously pinned it at least four times.  I love the clean lines of the mantel (its from Chesney's), the simple, crisp lines of the rug, but oh that photograph! I had it in mind all the time while traveling this summer while I was visiting cathedrals and palaces in Spain.  So granted mine are not this wonderful but I would love to achieve a similar look with one of my photos.  I don't think I can blow up the ones I took this large (without them becoming pixelated) but I can do some smaller versions. Although I have an inkling that part of the allure of this piece is the scale. In the meantime before my next trip I will investigate how to take photographs so they can be blown up poster sized like the one above. are the photos in the running for me to print and add to my home.  Please, please help me.  Which do you like? Which would you print?  Just one? or maybe print several and do some sort of gallery?

or should I wait to learn to adjust my settings to take higher resolution photos so I can blow it up to a similar scale of my inspiration photo...which means I could practice more and get an even better shot at a later time?  or can these stand the test of time?  Pretty please...what do you think?

(first image, the rest are mine, 1 and 2./ Palacio Real Madrid, 3, 4 and 5./ Catedral de Segovia, 6./Catedral de Almudena vista del Palacio Real)