Weekend Bits

I made this quinoa recipe from here.  It was delicious and easy!  Fabulous for a spring gathering with friends.  And its full of the superfoods.  I highly recommend it.
I was giddy with excitement as this PS1 in citron came to visit me this weekend.  Isn't it cute!  I took this photo as I was inspired by Nicole Cohen's shot here so I sent it to her too. These are fashion twins separated by state and season.
My backyard is blooming like crazy.  Spring has come a month early here.  I love it.  I just hope this doesn't mean global warming has kicked into high gear.
I broke out my now vintage Cavalli jeans (is it 10 years that makes something vintage?  these are 12!) for a school function.  The theme was cowboy chic.  I wish I had had some of Isabel Marant's Spring pieces that have the cowgirl flair.  Sorry, I need to learn to take better outfit photos.  Julie was there too with the most amazing boots I have ever seen.  Those deserve a post on their own!  They were spectacular.

Happy Sunday!!!