Pillow Talk

No, not this Pillow Talk (although it is fabulous and I highly recommend it. Netflix it.)  But this kind of pillow talk:

I have pillows on my mind.  And soon enough you will see why. I can't tell you how much I love the first pillow.  I want it in my kitchen next to the refrigerator. Its exactly right. I bet having that cutie around would equate to an easy stress-free diet.  Hungry? Read the pillow! oh yes..skinny, skinny.

I think these fun pillows add a touch of fun and quirkiness to a sofa or chair.  And are definitely conversation starters. Do? or Don't?

Felt Pillows (Let's make out and It wasn't me). Alexandra Ferguson. here.  I own one of her pillows. (neither of these though).  I really like her work.
Needle Point Pillows. Jonathan Adler. here. I don't own one but would love the first one.