Marvelous Málaga

I'm so glad to be back home!  The trip was fabulous and we all had a wonderful time.  Little A's great grandfather had a fantastic 100th birthday celebration with all his family and we were honored and inspired to have partaken in such a special and heartwarming celebration.

I took approximately 1,000 photos of the city, the food, family and anything that caught my attention.  It's so different to visit a city under the watchful eye of camera readiness.  Suddenly, you begin noticing things that you would normally pass by.  So bare with me as I try to pick the photos I think would be more interesting to you, my dear readers, so you can get a sense for this wonderful city and delight in all the things that I found beautiful, interesting, or delicious!

Ok, so first things first.  You need to see what we see when we look out the window from my mother-in-law's apartment.....something stunning. This
This is Málaga's Cathedral.  It is literally a stone's throw away.  If you were Mr. Gadget you could touch it.  It is quite inspiring to have breakfast with this view.  The bells; however, are a different story.  They ring every hour on the hour.  They have known to drive some people cuckoo.  Enough to sell their prime real estate property and skip town for good.  The pink building is where we are.
Here is another view of its only tower seen from a different part of the city.

Here are some shots of the inside

So, not to get too serious.  Here is something interesting.....I saw these ladies
leaving this place
Yes, Cocteleria is a place where you get cocktails.....Hmmmm.....

I love the bull fighting postcards in Spain
If you send me your address next time I visit (which will be summer) I can send you one! email me.

One thing I love about Europe are the balconies.  They are beautiful and come in so many shapes and sizes
 Even the bottoms of the balconies are works of art.
Really? Can I live in a pink building please?  You know who would love that....  Little Ms. A.  She wishes the whole world would be pink.  Take a look at her favorite painting in Málaga
Hmmm.... is it because its pink? or because its a princess?  or both.  Of course, we needed to get some paraphernalia with this painting on it at the museum store otherwise we simply could not live.

Preferred mode of transportation.
 Of course.

Every time we visit Malaga family members shower us with the best kinds of presents.
Organic, home-grown, amazing fruits and vegetables that taste like heaven.  Oranges are in season. They are everywhere.
And Spring was springing
 Another thing I love about Europe - the parks.  They are more interesting
 and see-saws are allowed (honestly, when was the last time you saw one?) 
you can even have a cocktail while you watch your kids play
Maybe the nuns should come here for their cocktail hour?  I bet it would be cheaper.

I have some more photos I would like to share. I don't want the blog to blow-up because of too many photos.  Check back in a few hours to see what else was going on.....