Marvelous Málaga- Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my trip to Málaga post (Part 1 is here if you are joining us now). I need to spend some time telling you about what I subsisted on aside from the amazing tomatoes and oranges.
Meringues. I ate a whole one everyday. Yup, just protein and sugar....they are good for you, you know? And,
jamon serrano. I'm a fan. Also, we ate a lot of
spanish tortilla. My mother-in-law makes an amazing one. I, however, would not and will never eat this
blood sausage with rice. No, Thank You. And, of course, a trip to Spain would not be complete without churros con chocolate
And here is me thinking of Julie and her lovely Green Wall Post
Here is a chic shop owner
And these photos are just cool
And look at this how cute. These twins
are now these twins
In case you were missing a photo of me

And my last offering to you is
A little bit of perspective.

What do you think? Do you like Málaga? Have you been? Would you like to visit? There are other amazing cities in the vicinity like Ronda, Granada, and Marbella. I have plenty more photos but don't want to bore you. Back to regular programming after this.