Two Ikea Hacks

Everyone loves an Ikea Hack right?!! So I put one to the test. The Rast dresser makeover. One that has been roaming the internet for a while. I saw it in Little Green Notebook here and in the Little House Blog here. I needed two cute but cheap night tables for my guest bedroom. But mostly I just wanted to have a 'go' at being handy. So I went from this:
to this:

I was very happy with the result, although it wasn't as cheap as I had anticipated. I had to buy several paint brushes, the knobs, paint, primer, wood stain, and polyurethane to seal the wood stain in. Maybe I should have gone to the thrift store to see what kind of night tables they had there! But they look cute and they are sturdier than what I had expected. And I was proud to have made them myself.
The second Ikea hack was mine, all mine! This Agen kids' chair makeover was simple. I just spray painted it with primer first, and then added some white spray paint coats in white! Add a cushion and voila!!

If you want to attempt either of these and have some questions email me! I will be glad to answer them. (I basically followed the directions from Little House Blog, plus some extra tips from the Home Depot guy).

Have you ever tried an Ikea hack? are you thinking about it? Tell me.  If you are looking for other Ikea Hack ideas checkout this blog.