Downton Abbey

We have been watching Downton Abbey religiously. We waited on the edge of our seats to watch Sundays episode last night because of Superbowl. We finished dinner at about 5:00 closed the drapes and fooled the 3 year old into going to bed at a rediculously early hour so we could get to the DVR for our fix.  All I have to say is...

Was I watching DA or a 1980s episode of Days of Our Lives??

The Peter Gordon character returning looking like the the Hunchback of Notre Dame was just too much for me. Does he live in the rafters of an old opera house when he's not slinking around the abbey duping Edith?
I say with broken spirit, oh no..... I had such high hopes for this show. It felt like that moment when you find out the dream man you've been dating and you thought was Mr Perfect has never missed a Kenny G concert. I can never quite look at my true love the same way again.

Alas, I will give the Abbey a chance to redeem itself, but I know it has lost it's flawless luster for me now.

I am not an animal!!!!

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