I have always been good at concentrating. Until I had my little girl. Now it seems I can't keep two thoughts together. There are so many things battling for my attention: emails, calls, to-dos, things to fix, things to pick-up, meetings, and of course a little girl, Ms. A. I guess this comes with the multiple personas I fill: wife, mother, friend, playmate, school volunteer, event chair, director, daughter, cook, get it, you've been there/are there. So you can imagine when I saw this desk by GamFratesi for Ligne Roset in the New York Times last week.
Rewrite Workstation by GamFratesi for Ligne Roset via 3rings
Rewrite Workstation by GamFratesi for Ligne Roset via 3rings

Cool right?! It reminds me of when I was in high school and used to go the library to study. I used to get a little booth with little walls similar to the ones this desk has. Except those were straight. I love that this rewrite desk is like a cocoon. The top is fiberglass with foam and wool upholstery helping block some sound and making for an intimate working space. I would be so much more efficient with a desk like this! I know I would! You would feel isolated from the rest of the world. And that is a luxury.

I personally use the West Elm Parson's desk. I have 2 making a "L" shape. I love them, but this cocoon, well, it would be so neat! what kind of a work desk do you use?

Read more about the desk here.

P.S. This is Albertina....its signed Mimosa Lane....we are still working out all the kinks!