1. Feed 2 Pant in Olive. 2. Grey Dogs with Plaid Liner. 3. Game Day Chinos in Pink . 4. Flat Iron Slim and Straight.

Do you know about Bonobos yet? If not, you will. Suddenly they are everywhere. Every time I go to a new web page, there they are. Bonobos are mens' clothes for the conservative guy who wants a little edge added to the ho hum chino. They aren't those huge baggy khakis American men have been sporting for years, but they aren't so funky that you have to live in Amsterdam in an artists loft shooting photos of heroin skinny chicks to pull off.

I discovered them when our darling friend Emmy Brown started working with them. Together we outfitted Stefan (my betrothed) with them. He is a tough customer. Very snobby when it comes to his kit. They were a hit. Aside from the ones pictured above, here are other ones I love:

El Morado

Sky lights plaid liner

Did I mention that most of them are under $100? Pants aren't all they do. Check out the rest of the line here.