This fall’s interiors coffee table book lineup is nothing short of extraordinary. Perfect for your coffee table or as hostess gifts these four books are a real treat. They all offer really distinct interior design inspiration.

One || Dior and His Decorators. Did you know that Christian Dior studied architecture to appease his cautious parents? This book examines the intimate connection of couture and interiors. The book recounts the evolution of Dior’s aesthetic as a fashion revolutionary and his love for interior design alongside his two decorators Victor Grandpierre and Georges Geffroy.

Two || Cabana Anthology. This luxurious and eclectic book offers a photographic journey that celebrates interior design, lifestyle, architecture, and artisanal creations that may be off-beat and and located in overlooked parts of the world. It’s rich and varied photographs inspire and offer a feast for the eyes. It is hard to describe- it is less like a book and more like an explosion of beautiful images.

Three || American Originals. Nothing like entering the private spaces of extremely authentic and creative individuals like Ellen DeGeneres, John Mellencamp, Bette Midler, Martha Stewart and others to see how they live and how their surroundings inspire them. All captured by fabulous photographer William Abranowicz.

Four || Island Hopping. The beautiful, relaxed and beachy spaces by Amanda Lindroth will have you swooning and saving to buy your own little beach house. She has become the go-to designer of island dwellers from Harbour Island to Palm Beach, and Southampton to Great Cranberry Island in Maine. She finds the perfect balance between casual and chic and now you can peruse thru all her creations with a flip of a page.

I cannot tell which of these I like best as they are so different from one another and so totally fabulous each in their own way.

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