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I'm kind of becoming #obsessed with anti-aging serums ( a little late in the game I know! I should have started in my 20s! But alas life must be lived forward and learned backwards) but I'm in the market for an under eye cream and I think I will be trying this one next.  This face oil with antioxidants seems to be a really good wrinkle fighter (exactly what I need!). And these lip masks aside from their adorable packaging are supposed to plump and hydrate (yes please!).  I thought this candle trio was a cute idea and collaboration between with Drawbertson and Veronica Beard.  I would have substituted suerte (luck) for salud (health), but they still make a cute hostess gift.  Horns are great for bookshelf and coffee table styling.  I love that this one has a crystal base.  This salad serving set is ultra-chic. The contrast between the refined gold and the rustic wood is quite perfect.  I love all books relating to travel so I look forward to reading this one.  I always choose travel over anything material.  Many times I forgo handbags and jewelry to go places instead.  Did you know Shopbop is having a great sale to last until saturday?  Up to 25% on regular priced items with code GOBIG18. So now is the time to get those classics like jeans, blazers or these super coveted Golden Goose sneakers.  They are expensive but they do make you look cooler and maybe even younger.  I have a sparkly pair that I adore.  If you haven't noticed kitten heels are back and so are mules, so these are the perfect combination of both. Feminine and chic these heels can be worn with jeans or cute summer dresses.  I always love these glass water bottles.  They somehow make water taste fresher (totally psychological I know). I'm looking at bathing suits big time because most of mine are at least 10 years old (my bikinis can even be 22 years vintage!) so I'm due for a few new ones.  There are so many beautiful ones out there and this white and flirty one caught my attention. I thought this black and white dress was exciting and fun for a celebratory occasion this summer.  I like that it's bold and festive. Simon Miller bags are "IN" in all sizes and colors.  I was refreshed when I found this minty one. It's really the perfect size and color.  And small bags are in style if you hadn't noticed.  Not a bad thing since the price tag is smaller as well.  Do you own one already?  To round my list up I needed some fun earrings so I found these dramatic star earrings for a night out.