A Few Things || Roses and Business Cards



ONE || STATIONERY SET.  Really love Caitlin's McGauley's work and thought this set was exciting and novel.  Who doesn't love a pink leopard and cool envelope liners? Pair with these stamps and you will have the lucky recipient swooning!

TWO || PEPPERMINT PRINT. I'm in love with my new business cards.  They are chic, sharp, the perfect weight, and letterpress of course with a beautiful painted edge.  I cannot recommend them enough if you are needing to restock yours, freshen up the design or totally revamp.  They helped me with the layout and were just so helpful.  Best customer service ever!! They also do stickers, postcards...they can pretty much meet all of your business and creative needs. With so many print choices nowadays it's hard to find the right business to print with. Peppermint Print combined quality with great customer service.

THREE || HEALTHY PANCAKES. My dear friend Gaby from The Vault Files is one of the healthiest and sportiest friends I know.  She always concocts the best recipes that are both healthy and delicious, so of course, I have to bookmark this pancake recipe to step-up our Sunday stack.

FOUR || BOXED ROSES. Ok, so I have not seen, touched or smelled these but I'm intrigued. They are real roses that can last for up to a year. These Ecuadorian grown flowers are especially treated transforming them into long lasting roses that maintain their freshness and biological structure. Strange, right?  But pretty.  The boxes are beautiful.  Has anyone seen these in person?  They would make a novel gift. I mean, I do think everyone would love flowers that last and last, and last.

FIVE || ELAN CAFE.  So many cafes, so little time!  This is the latest one on my travel list.  Not sure when I can head back to London but this cafe will definitely be on my itinerary.


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