Coffee Table Book Spotlight || Haute Bohemians

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Miguel Flores-Vianna's first book, Haute Bohemians, is stellar.  His discriminating photographer eye captures amazing interiors from an extraordinary group of writers, editors, landscape designers, artists and artisans from all other the world. Some spaces are grand, others are more modest, but they are all original, stylish and authentic to their owners' aesthetic. Published by Vendome Press this book showcases elegant and eclectic interiors of well traveled friends with exquisite tastes.  In Miguel's own words the homes are " magnificent repositories of diverse cultures and visions and beautiful descriptions of the geography of their owners' lives. It is the 'geography of a life' that renders them unforgettable because they, like unforgiving mirrors, reflect who their owners are in a most personal way. They are like maps of their desires and like images of how they see themselves.  All the houses in these pages are poetry.'

The collection of homes presented in the book are sensational.  From artist Alexander Twonbly's idyllic farmhouse and studio in the Italian countryside to textile designer Nathalie Farman-Farma's enchanting London House. He covers other homes in cities like Tangiers, Milan, Gran Canaria, Hudson River, Paris and even a finca in Argentina. The interiors of the twenty homes captured in this book are deeply personal and even autobiographical spaces from which we can draw deep inspiration from. Take a look-

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What I love most about this book is that the spaces are lived-in, real, they breath life, experience and history.  Sometimes, I miss this sense of authenticity in many of the homes I see around the web.  This book is a delight and filled with wonderful inspiration.  it takes me a while to flip thru each page because the spaces have so many wodnerful details I end up studying each page rather than just skimming them. Get the book here.

[images via Vendome Press]