Coffee Table Book Spotlight || Versailles


I have the ultimate coffee table book recommendation for you today- Versailles, The Great and Hidden Splendors of the Sun King's Palace.  Versailles is one of the most photographed spots in the world but with all the tourists roaming the premises it is hard to really take in all the luxury and splendor that lays in every single detail.  This book beautifully written by Catherine Pegard, captures the real splendor of the palace. You can really appreciate all the intricate details in every room.  Four talented photographers, Christophe Fouin, Thomas Garnier, Christian Milet and Didier Saulnier, were granted unlimited access to Versailles when the palace is closed to visitors so here you truly get an unprecedented tour of this treasure. Not only is the photography detailed and stunning but they are accompanied by revealing captions that bring each photograph to life.  Here are some images-


This for example is Marie Antoinette's bed.  Thru the captions I learned of her love of flowers and that it took seven years for her and Louis to consummate their marriage.  The queen's room had to be a sumptuous and elegant place, as the silk embroideries and the the gilded woodwork reveal, because it was considered a ceremonial space where the entire court could come to watch her wash her hands and put on her rouge.  Then, the men would leave and the women would stay to watch her get dressed.  Quite different from these modern times!  (or rather similar since social media exploded?) But it is these fun details that accompany the photos where the real learning takes place.


As a result from the recent discoveries of Hercaulaneaum and Pompeii, the general aesthetics of the time began to change from the Rococo to a more simplified and stricter linear style much like the Romans. This wood panelling below reflects this change in aesthetic.


Imagine all you can learn and enjoy going thru this book! You will really get acquainted with Versailles thru the accompanying captions and the amazing photographs that showcase every single detail of this beautiful palace. Even if you have gone to Versailles a million times you will still be in awe of it all as seen thru these pages.  Plus, the book itself just looks so stunning in a coffee table because the Hall of Mirrors is the best choice for a cover hands down.  Get your book here.

[1. Didiner Saulnier | 2. Didier Saulnier | 3. Thomas Garnier | 4. Thomas Garnier | 5. Christian Milet and Didier Saulnier | 6. Christophe Fouin | 7. Christophe Fouin | All photos via Vendome Press ]