A Few Things


 1. Madi Art Biennial || This Biennial, titled Origins in Geometry, is a juried competition to recognize excellence in emerging visual artists deriving inspiration from geometric abstraction.  The selected finalists are now in display and on sale at the Dallas Museum of Geometric and Madi Art. I visited this exhibit and fell in love with quite a few pieces that have very reasonable prices.  The piece I included here was one of my favorites.  It is so good in person! The colors and volume (it's 3D!) make it standout. If you like collecting this could be a wonderful opportunity. The prices are not outrageous, I promise. Stop by!

2. Magnolia Postage || It was through one of my favorite blogs, Pretty Pink Tulips, that I discovered Magnolia PostagePretty Pink Tulips always has great finds and this is definitely one that I loved learning about!  Magnolia Postage finds sets of beautiful vintage stamps to decorate your correspondence.  It all started when the founder could not find the perfect stamps for her wedding invitations.  After some hard work she sourced vintage stamps and ended up with plenty of inventory that then gave birth to Magnolia Postage.  If you have a special event coming up and you want to pamper guests with beautiful envelopes this is an amazing source.

3. Donald Robertson || I love following @drawbertson on Instagram.  Not only does he have the cutest twin boys doing the funniest things, but his wit and humor are very entertaining.  His art is the fashion industry's latest obsession and I can see why. He is clever and talented, so I'm looking forward to flipping thru his new coffee table book which is sure to add excitement to any space. And you can buy his originals here.

4. The Great Giveaway ||  Sweet Molly and Sally from A Piece of Toast have formulated an amazing giveaway to help ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, where you can win prizes totaling $6,965 and all you must do to enter is submit your email.  The brands participating are some of my favorites like- Mi Golondrina, Parker Thatch, Mignonne Gavigan, the Loveliest .... among others. Not a bad deal and you are helping research at the same time. Read more about the giveaway and enter here. Well done Molly and Sally!

5.  Martha Stewart's Food Delivery Service || Martha does everything pretty much perfectly (well..except insider trading....hmmm) so I was excited to hear she has a new delivery food service.  You know, where they send over the ingredients and recipes so you can make amazing no-hassle delicious meals during the middle of the week?!  Well, I'm thinking of trying it.  And I see she has a coupon on her website for three free meals. Score!

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