Gift Guide || Kids


Finding good kid gifts can be easy- they just have to be a little out of the box, unexpected, maybe not entirely practical.  I have a few good ideas-

The Magic Eight Ball is such a fun gadget for those tween or teen kids.  Ask it a question and it can help you solve all of those life's complicated dilemmas.  Plus, it doubles as a cool decor accessory on a desk or bookshelf. For babies this animal puzzle will be fun and educational. They can learn all about animal names, letters and colors and they can use their imaginations to play and build with them like blocks.  Kids love adult sunglasses, so treat them to a cool looking pair that fits them perfectly for a change. Adorable piggy bookends for all those treasured books you need before bedtime.  They come in all sorts of animals too if you are not that into piggies. This adorable Love acrylic clutch is chic and modern for that tween or teen in your life.  Nothing is cooler to young boys and girls than to be able to show off their entertaining magic skills.  This Magic Kit is it!  For boys or girls, it will keep them entertained for hours because practice makes perfect. Inspire your kids to dream big with these fabulous tales of amazing women like Amelia Earhart and Coco Chanel. Everyone loves karaoke and this gold microphone with bluetooth and a built-in speaker will elevate your child's fun level 100%.  These Sonny angels are the cutest.  My daughter and I are obsessed with them.  They are quirky and and so fun to collect because you don't know which one you will get until you open the box. Surprise! They let your kids' imaginations soar.  Anything that inspires imaginative play is so welcome in my book.   Gel pens are the draw, write letters or for art projects.  Their shimmer and color pigment are unmatched.