Brand Spotlight || Paravel Luggage

Part of the fun of travel, aside of the anticipation that comes with the planning, is traveling in style with chic luggage (oh and a cute and comfortable travel outfit of course!).  I am currently obsessing over this fabulous line of hand baggage- Paravel. With practicality as a core aim, they have created a beautiful and durable line of carry-on bags.  Their excellent quality is evident in their extremely resilient canvas material that is both waterproof and spill-proof, they are lightweight and very durable.  There is one style that folds completely flat, so you can bring it with you in your suitcase in case you buy one too many souvenirs and need more room.  I need stat! Here it is-

You can have the pieces personalized with your initials or your favorite emojis.  What a great looking line, right?  And surely WANDERLUST ensues!!  Where are your summer travel plans taking you?  Check out all Paravel pieces here.

[all images via paravel]