Gina Julian || Op Art Pieces for sale TODAY!

Ever since I started seeing Gina Julian's Op Art pieces in her Instagram feed I have been quite obsessed with them.  And as I was planning to write a post on her and her new series, I saw she is releasing new pieces for sale today!  The sale starts at 11 am (EST), so be ready!  Playing with such vibrant color combinations and fun optical illusions these paintings are dynamite. Gina says about her series that it expresses her love of precision and exactness. I think they are exactly cool and that one may need to come home with me. I really do love geometry in art especially if it gives me a playful sense of another dimension. I bet you want to see more!-

Dazzling! Another thing I love about this series is that they go so well in such different types of decor styles.  Not only is Gina so very talented but she is also the sweetest person ever, which makes her works even prettier! I'm really excited to see all her works this morning.  Take a look at her shop here.  She also has amazing portraits and prints of these.  This and this are some of my favorites.

[Gina Julian]