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Today's is a gift guide for the sweet ladies in your life- your mom, sister, besties...  I'm dying for number five- Chic Stays.  I have been known to plan trips to places just because of a certain hotel, so I'm excited to see what cool hotels or places I learn about in this book. Ok, on to the gift guide-

one || Rainbow Bag Charm & Heart Bag Charm. These are fun and cheerful and will be adored no matter who the recipient is.

two || City Guides. For your well-traveled friend with luxurious tastes this travel guide is ideal.This set includes five fold-outs packed with the insider scoop on Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm and Venice. Find out everything from where the locals eat to how to navigate the city's public transportation system. 

three || Poncho and Sleep Mask for Travelers.  This DKNY traveler set is perfect for your jet-setting friend. It elevates on-board style with its chic black and white lounge set. Long-haul flights, we are prepared!!

four || House of Golightly Cocktail Service Bell. The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a little cocktail service from time to time. This piece not only rings but lights from within when the antiqued brass button is pressed.  Perfect for that friend who has everything! 

five || Chic Stays. The book I was telling you about! Find out about the most beautiful hotels from your favorite actors, writers, musicians, and models. It is comprised of 36 personal tales of the loveliest spots around the globe. It will inspire a new desire to discover these fabulous places around the world.

six || All Weather Bangles. I have blogged about these time and time again because I absolutely love them and think they are so easy to wear. Plus, they look sensational with everything...from your bathing suit (yes, they are waterproof) to your black tie dress.  Plus, they help keep you mindful.  BEST.BANGLES.EVER. Oh and all the recipients of these bangles adore them!  So I guarantee this is a great gift.

seven || A Tub of Sprinkles.The perfect little treat! Perfect for your foodie friend who loves baking and making things sweeter. They can sprinkle these over ice cream or on special cakes!  Life is prettier and tastier when you add sprinkles!

eight || Black and White Tassel Earrings.  These chic and edgy earrings made out of mini tassels are daring and fun.  Plus they go with everything.  The great thing about statement earrings is that you can pretty much wear jeans and a plain shirt and your earrings will totally make the outfit! Easy peasy! 

nine || Savoir Vivre by La Duree. This is the cutest thing! It comes in a hardbound box, packed exactly like the macaroons at the store! And inside are tons of tips illustrated beautifully. It provides advice and tips on how to be at one's best in any situation. 

ten || Black and Gold Sunglasses.  These match my kitchen and family room perfectly! I love black and gold together and these sunglasses are so exception.  They look sensational on!

eleven || Glitter Canister. This one is from Johnathan Adler's Vice Canister collection. They are fun anywhere, even for your kitchen countertop.  Who doesn't love glitter anyway?

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[one. rainbow bag charm & heart bag charm | two. city guides | three. poncho and sleep mask for travelers | 4. House of Golightly cocktail service bell | five. chic stays | six. all weather bangles | seven. a tub of sprinkles | eight. black and white earrings | nine. Savoir Vivre by La Duree | ten. black and gold sunglasses | eleven. glitter canister]