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The diet starts this week!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We saw friends and family and loved and were thankful for every minute of it.  And now to transition into the holidays ahead I will be posting my gift guides this week.  I'm starting today with the kids guide-

One ||   The FujiFilm Insta-Camera.  This one comes in all sorts of colors and prints out a photo seconds after taking it.  It's fun and so easy to use.  My daugher got it for Christmas last year and she adores it.

Two ||  Donut Snow Tube.  Make sledding even more exciting with this adorable snow tube.

Three ||  Golden Dog Bank.  I am still #Obsessed with this Koons-like dog bank, especially in gold.  It is such a modern and decorative piece that it will look fabulous in bookshelves and nigh tables everywhere.

Four ||  Tiny Fairy Door.  Give the gift of magic and imagination with this tiny fairy door that you can add to your wall to invite fairies to come visit.

Five ||  Passport Covers.  Your world travelers will delight in these. The lilac is perfect for girls and the blue one for boys.

Six ||  Cardboard Playhouse.  This kid-sized playhouse will let your little one's imagination run wild.  Not only is it a perfect hideout and secret play space, but also they can decorate it to their hearts' content.

Seven ||  Large Blow-up World Ball.  This is a fun and educational gift for any age.  Take it to the beach, park or your backyard for easy entertainment.

Eight ||  Wooden Musical Instruments.  This adorable wooden instrument set is perfect for the younger ones who love to make noise.  The look and quality are wonderful.

Nine || Baby Minnentonkas.  These precious suede baby booties are soft and comfy for babies' tiny feet and are totally trendy. Double score.

Ten ||  In-Line Skates.  This is a great gift for both boys and girls of any age.  Take them away from their tech devices and into the outdoors with these fun skates.

Eleven ||  Book Collection.  The ideal gift for that avid reader. This beautiful collection will entice her to explore these stories, plus they will look beautiful on her desk. Oh and these Vintage Hardy books will be perfect for him.

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[ one. Fujifilm instant camera | two. donut snow tube | three. golden Koons-like dog bank  | four. tiny fairy door | five. passport covers lilac and blue | six. cardboard playhouse | seven. large blow-up world ball  | eight. instruments  | nine. baby minnentonkas | ten. in-line skates | eleven. book collection ]