Art Alert!! New Angela Chrusciaki Blehm Paintings for Sale!

Angela Chrusciaki Blehm has new paintings for sale!  This is hot off the press so visit her website asap before they are all gone.  She has ten new pieces for us to see.  I have two pieces of hers which I adore and everyone inquires about when they come to my home- I have this striped ribbon I shared with you on Instagram and the lips in my daughter's room (photographed below). Angela's art is original and just pops off the wall.  She is intrigued with fabrics and folds.  Angela is a Georgia artist inspired by the clothes we wear or dream of wearing, the routines and patterns of life, and the idea of color as antidote.  She has a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Houston.  Below is some of her work.  Prepare to lust after everything-

And these are the lips in my daughter's room-

She is so talented and has such a great style in general.  You need to see her home. She often features it in her blog and on Instagram. Specifically, her latest One Room Challenge was one of my favorites.  She really has a way with color and coming up with the best color palettes. I had the luck of meeting Angela in person. She is so sweet and as beautiful in the inside as she is in the outside.  I don't want to entertain you further, as you need to get to her website NOW before she sells out.  Let me know if you get anything! Please share.  I will be so excited for you. xx

[All photos except the last two are via Angela Blehm other two are from the One Room Challenge]