Patch Me Up || The Easiest and Chicest DIY You Ever Made

There is nothing better than an easy and fun DIY that will keep you trendy and cool in your daily life.  This is it!!  Iron on patches are your answer. Grab a new or old jacket (I got this army style one from Zara) and choose some colorful and interesting patches (Etsy has some great sources- Wildflower and Company, Extreme Largeness,PatchNation) Let your creative juices them and then iron them on!  That's it!  Take a look at my jacket creation (and my daughter's jean jacket as well!)

I love my jacket so much!!  The cute patches make me so happy and my daughter adores her jacket too, which she inherited from me! It's a vintage Earl).  And this is a great way to get a high-end look for way less. There are pieces with patches that are selling for thousands!  If you want to make your own take a look at these links-

Shop patches and jackets-

Not for me, thanks. I prefer to buy it made-

If you make one share it with me! Oh and my earrings are from Carolina Damas.

[Photos by Molly Miller]