A Fashion Moment || The Neck-Tie Shirt

These shirts with a bow near the neck are making a statement already and fall isn't even here yet.  They are feminine yet authoritative and they definitely have that WAO factor.  In case you are inspired by the look I have a few suggestions for you to consider below. I have had one of these in plaid for years and adore it.  And yeay, it's Friday!!! A few more links-

||  The high Impact way to hang art.  You can even do this with your kids drawings and make a statement wall that will WAO everyone.

||  You know how I love obelisks as a home accessory, well I found two amazing ones I want to share with you- this black one and this brass one.  Also, this pink velvet ottoman with gold legs is EVERYTHING!!

|| Cutest little clutch

||  Have you always wanted to frame something in acrylic and use those gold bolts on each corner?  Via A Piece of Toast I found this great etsy store called Highland Hardware, that sells them!

 Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Some of my favorite Neck-Tie Shirts-


[photo via NYMag]